About Me

Paulo Manuel Guerrero

Diversity | Inclusion | Equity | Accessibility | Speaker, Educator and consulting

Born in Vancouver and live, work and play in North vancouver. Moved out at 17 and bounced around until breaking my back at 20. After a rough recovery I am now finally becoming who I want to be while mending all my old mistakes. What I have been able to because start from getting into health and fitness. It open more doors than I could've asked for. It has connected me with people around the world. From having a disability too wanting to learn I have been able to help and motivate individuals everywhere. After a life of fighting adversity Im starting to make sense of the age old question; 'Why me?' Now it has put me in a position to coach other like me and given me the confidence to educate the rest.

This is what I hope to offer to those who contact me. I chance to be more than who they thought they could through shared trauma and experience. It is not easy and requires a lot of tough reflection but admitting where we fall short honestly, and humbly is how we can give ourselves room to grow. Learning to forgive myself is when i finally allowed myself to heal. It was foreign wrapping my head around the concept that I was allowed to do that after a childhood of emotional trauma. Thats where I come in to help. To remind that you matter. All of you. Learning to love yourself is to respect yourself which is why it's the perfect start to a long healing journey. Three years and I'm still not healed. Had to learn bandaids werent enough the hard way I guess.

What does my work look like?

In order of what I do most here is what my speaking/educating looks like. With a range from speaking at fitness event motivating athletes to educating elementary students everything I do comes from a place of honesty. Being completely open about the challenges and emotions I face. Some are quite embarrassing. Some are hard to hear. But these experiences and daily traumas are what allow me to connect to large groups on a personal level.

Next is Coaching. A one on one approach brings me close with those new to a disability to offer my experiences. It can be questions on how to transfer from the floor to dealing with people staring public. After going through all that I can now conversate and practice navigating that side of life. I have worked with people who have had adversities from birth and helped them move past their mental hurdles about physical differences as well. I truly believe the answers to to these tough questions lay within us.