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Well, this is awkward. Writing about how I feel I guess. Today was good. Morning started strong and continued strong throughout the day. Woke up and got the dogs ready so we could hit the dog park. Got dressed in a hurry to race over to drop my girl at work. Got there in the knick of time. Unfortunately my catheter broke and I was already full of pee by 8am. Oh well, what can you do. Said fuck it and went straight to the dog park. They were so excited. Parked and let them out. Met a couple nice people. There was one terrible dog there. Shouldnt have been there is was so close to trouble. We stayed for about an hour then headed home. After going inside i went straight to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Fixed my situation as well. Headed off again to see Steve for a coffee. Picked him up and drove into the bay. There was a Blenz there so we decided thats where we would go. He got a coffee; decaf, and me a water. It was so warm inside we headed out to sit. Breath taking view of ocean in the channel paired with islands and beautiful snow capped mountains. Planned on staying for maybe 15 minutes but got carried away. Again, unfortunately got to the bathroom too late and go pee all over my amazing outfit. Decided to ignore it and stayed for another hour. Drove him back after then headed to my sisters to work on a website. A prompt visit it was. Everything was figured out so I headed back to the bay to pick my girl back up. It was 2:55 by this point and we were supposed to have a family dinner at 330. Still we had to pick my roomate before going. Along with drinks and cutlery. Still soaking in my pee I really wanted to change but i knew I wouldn't have time. Plagued with traffic by the time we got to her and home it was already 330. Luckily my family is terrible with time and they were cooking. We got the dogs and an extra out fit for me and headed their way. Once we got there my nephew came down and help us carry our things up. Had a great dinner and spent time with the famjam. We left after a few hours. Got home a little while ago. Writing this from my living room now while the dogs sleep under me. Its not over but it was a good day.


I'm Paulo

I, a 19 year old young man fell off my bike one day and rolled into a car breaking my back. Now paralyzed from the chest down. The irony is it saved my life. Now im trying to work more in the community. I hope that by sharing my experiences, good and bad. I can bring light to my adversities and help people get through theirs. Whatever they might be. We are not victims.

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