Where would you park?

If you really needed a spot where would you park? Would you make a spot right in front of the wheelchair ramp? Or how about the no parking zone next to the handicap spot blocking me and other wheelchair users from being able to get out of our cars? What if I needed to get to the hospital for an emergency. Or needed to go the bathroom and ended up not being able to make it in time due to others’ selfishness. I know it might not seem like a big deal if you’re “just going in for a second” (as I’ve heard many times). But to me and many others it really is. So please, if you see it happen say something. I matter enough to be respected just the same as everyone else. :)


I'm Paulo

I, a 19 year old young man fell off my bike one day and rolled into a car breaking my back. Now paralyzed from the chest down. The irony is it saved my life. Now im trying to work more in the community. I hope that by sharing my experiences, good and bad. I can bring light to my adversities and help people get through theirs. Whatever they might be. We are not victims.

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